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Noor Datis - Photographer

« Ever since her first photographical experiments, Noor has explored the various aspects of inscriptions, in a constant relationship with the other. In her early works, she was translating,  making visible, the symbolic absence of graffiti writers and their bodies, illegally painting the public space; ten years later, she continues to follow the trace of human presence, signs, patterns and other symbols that exist in the natural space, therefore, creating a photographic location of her own.

Revealing the marks of her direct physical environment, by mixing cityscapes and her intimate worlds, Noor shows, series after series, a sensitive evolution, a constant re-creation, through a very personal relationship to the fleeing time, extremely contemporary, on the verge of generational, but somehow timeless, where what is permanent is, however, never set in stone. »


-Written by: Gaëlle Jeannard.

Noor Datis has studied photography at the London Metropolitan University before moving to Paris and obtaining a Masters in Arts Management. She, then, worked briefly as a PR for the entertainment industry before pursuing her career as a photographer in 2012.




"At A Loss For Words"

Galerie Punt Dou, Barcelona



Galerie Maison Volver, Arles


"Fureur et Mystère"

HK Corp, Paris



Galerie Mekuj, Marseille 



Invitée d'Honneur, Group Show Curated by Dominique Dumas

Espace d'art contemporain de Pavillon-Sous-Bois



Espace Art Contemporain Avv, Angers


"Tio Illar"

Curated by Panos Malamis, Athens



Flashgib Gallery, Stuttgart

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