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Korean Age

During the course of 2017, I decided to go to Korea for a month by myself.

I had never step foot in the country, didn't speak the language nor had any type of plan, and only had two contacts in the city of Seoul.

What I found, thousands of miles away from Paris and my daily routine, was the answer to why taking photos was a matter of life and death to me.

This trip, the people I’ve met and photographed, as well as the time I was forced to spend with myself in a completely unknown and new environment pulled me out of a depressive state and allowed me to be creative again and put my life back in order. That being said, I knew I wanted this series to be about loneliness, therefore, it has a very strong melancholic tone to it, which was intentional. 

I named it « Korean Age », since Koreans have a different way of calculating one’s age (한국나이), including the 9 months a new born has spent in their mother’s womb.

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